Mixed Beer box of porter and stouts, mixed beer case with 8 dark beer cans of various sizes, 330ml and 440ml
Mixed Beer box of porter and stouts, mixed beer case with 8 dark beer cans of various sizes, 330ml and 440ml
Salt Brewery, Hessian Coffee and Cacao Dark Beer, 440ml
Williams Bros Brewing Co, Chokka Blokka Mocha Stout, 440ml
Magic Rock Brewery, Dark Arts Surreal Stout can, 330ml
Siren Brewery, Broken Dream Breakfast stout can, 330ml
Fourpure Brewing Company, Last Train oatmeal stout, 330ml can
Tiny Rebel Brewery, Stay Puft Marshmallow porter, 330ml can
Pilot beer, Mochaccino stout, 330ml can
The WIld Beer Co, Milllionare salted caramel chocolate milk stout, 330ml can

Porter and Stout Mixed Case, 8 x Mixed Sizes - Porter & Stout Discovery Box

Various ABV
Cold Town
Fourpure Brewing Co
Magic Rock Brewing

If you want to be a bit more adventurous than your normal pint of Guinness, this is the case for you. We've selected 8 different porters and stouts that showcase a more diverse range of darker beers to help you find the style of dark beer that you prefer.

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Tiny Rebel Stay Puft, 330ml

5.2% ABV
Tiny Rebel Brewing

A marshmallow porter - Tiny Rebel have taken the classic london porter, with dark coffee notes and added loads of marshamallow into the brew giving a soft sweetness that plays brilliantly with the biscuity malt.

Siren Broken Dream, 330ml

6.5% ABV
Siren Craft Brew

Choclate, espresso, cream and biscuit notes are all in abundance in this delicious breakfast stout. A whole range of barley and oats are brewed with chocolate to give these rich flavours with apollo hops rounding out this gorgeus ale.

Fourpure Last Train Oatmeal Stout, 330ml

5.1% ABV
Fourpure Brewing Co

A love letter to London stouts of the past. Roasted barley and oats give a full bodied beer with dark chocolate and coffee flavours with a lovely creamy texture from the oats.

Magic Rock Dark Arts, 330ml

6% ABV
Magic Rock Brewing

A satisfying and rich stout with a blend of four different malts brewed with Hurkules, Magnum and Target hops giving a luxuriously silky mouthfeel. Flavours of biscuit, chocolate and liquorice is followed by a delicious roasted bitterness.

WIld Millionaire Stout, 330ml

4.7% ABV

A deliciously decadent stout from WILD with a biscuit-y malt base with salted caramel and chocolate notes with the classic milk stout lactose coming through to create a lovely sweet mouthfeel without being sickly sweet.

Williams Bros Chokka Blokka, 440ml

4.8% ABV
Williams Bros Brewing Co

Inspired by the Mayans, this brew from Williams Bros blends coffee, roasted barley and cacao nibs to give a rich chocolate stout with loads of coffee coming through and a delectable bitterness on the finish.

SALT Hessian Coffee & Cacao Stout, 440ml

6.2% ABV

A rustic stout from SALT bringing together bitter cacao and rich coffee for a pared down coffee stout without the sweetness that can sometimes be found. Coffee is the prominent flavour with hints of cacao, earth tones and slight resin from the hops.

Pilot Mochachino Stout, 330ml

5.5% ABV

Pilot's Mochachino Stout is a big tasty beer full of coffee, vanilla and cacao all without lactose while still giving a lovely mouthfeel and a good roasty flavour to the coffee.